Elon Musk Expresses Support for Psychedelic Therapies

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, devotes most of his attention to assisting mankind in embarking on new interplanetary journeys, but the tech mogul also appears to be in favor of travels of a different type.

Musk voiced his support for the medicinal use of psychedelic drugs during the CodeCon 2021 technological development event, anticipating that the substances will become more generally accepted in the coming years.

“I think generally people should be open to psychedelics” Musk answered after being prompted by Ronan Levy, the co-founder of Field Trip Health. Levy asked, “What role do you think psychedelics may have in addressing some of the more destructive tendencies of humanity?”

Musk responded by stating that our culture isn’t as bad as our reputation indicates. “We are at a very peaceful moment in history,” he remarked, asserting that “we are actually at the lowest violence per capita in human history. It may not seem like that but objectively those are the statistics.”

The multi-billionaire recently affected the cryptocurrency markets by altering his Twitter profile to #bitcoin, resulting in a crypto bull run. Then Tesla changed its mind about taking bitcoin, causing the price to plummet; however, the firm then stated that it will likely take it again in the future, leading the price to rise once more.

In a previous twitter incident, a single tweet from Musk regarding the joke crypto coin “Dogecoin”, caused the coin’s value to skyrocket by more than 800% even though the tweet was misunderstood as a sign of support. Whether we like it or not, Elon Musk’s support could be extremely valuable to a specific sector or business. In this case, his support is beneficial to both psychedelic medicine and society as a whole.

“A lot of people making laws are from a different era. As a new generation gets into political power, I think we will see greater receptivity to the benefits of psychedelics,” said Musk.

Musk has previously expressed support for psychedelic drugs, tweeting about the psychedelic DMT on many occasions. Musk’s current response was a strong vote of confidence in the future expansion and recognition of psychedelics in our culture. Headlines like this, along with other big names like Mike Tyson and Joe Rogan loudly promoting the advantages of psychedelics, will contribute to our culture’s evolution beyond outdated stigmas.


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