Lamar Odom used this psychedelic drug to treat his addiction

In 2015, Lamard Odom experienced 12 seizures and 6 strokes as the result of an overdose. He was hospitalized, in a coma, and starting to experience multiple organ failure. Miraculously, in May of 2021, Odom told GMA, “I’m feeling amazing.”

He credits his recovery to controlled Ketamine treatments which are documented in the film Lamar Odom Re/Born. He contrasts his current state to his past by describing how he no longer “wakes up looking to do lines.” He mentioned the death of Kobe Bryant and how he was equipped to handle the associated grief much better than his past self would have.

In 1970, Ketamine was approved by the FDA as a fast-acting pain relief and quickly became a popular and dangerous party drug. Recent research has opened eyes to the use of the drug as a treatment for depression.

In 2019, a nasal spray containing a synthetic form of ketamine was approved for the treatment of drug-resistant depression. Today many pharmaceutical companies and biopharmaceutical startups have broadened their research into the drug as a treatment option.

Odom was guided through his treatment, or trips, by Mike “Zappy” Zapolin. Zapolin is a self-proclaimed psychedelic concierge who offered his service to celebrities for many years before beginning his latest venture, KetaMD. KetaMD strives to eradicate the S.A.A.D. Epidemic (Suicide, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression) by making ketamine treatment available to everyone who needs it.

Odom praises ketamine treatment over rehabilitation and other attempts to curb his addiction, and has become a huge supporter of the normalization and continued research of the treatment for addiction, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicidal feelings and other mental health conditions where other treatments have been lacking effectiveness.

According to GMA, “Doctors say that ketamine therapy should be carefully monitored by a licensed professional and used together with other medications and therapies, like meditation.


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