New digital therapeutic platform for psychedelic therapy

A company from Canada plans to release an “MVP” or minimum viable product version of iSTRYM, its digital therapeutic product in America. The initial version contains general features, however, the digital version allows both patients and healthcare providers to gain relevant data of previous psychedelic therapies to better treat patients. The iSTRYM helps new patients through the onboarding process, provides music and data for therapy, and gathers new data from sessions to help guide future interventions.

​​”Mind Cure created iSTRYM with the goal of unlocking value for researchers, therapists, and ultimately patients in need. I believe there’s a real opportunity to improve mental health treatments through a better understanding of patient and research data, and that this platform can be a valuable resource for the entire psychedelics industry,” said Dr. John Brownstein, a company advisor for Mind Cure and the chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Given the rise in anxiety and depression, platforms such as iSTRYM prove to be beneficial in light of treatment options. Psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, and MDMA can help treat such issues, especially when combined with psychotherapy. PTSD, depression, and anxiety can all be treated effectively with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Although these drugs have not warranted enough evidence to approve human clinical trials from the FDA, previous research showing the effectiveness of treatment supports the continuation of research. “These new psychedelic medicines demand new models, and technology-enabled care that uses AI and scientific rigor have an important and valuable role to play. Having methodically built a world-class team and built this platform from the ground up to serve psychedelics and scale beyond, I am excited to share the MVP version with our strategic partners within the psychedelics industry,” said Kelsey Ramsden, president, and CEO of Mind Cure.

The purpose of iSTRYM is to enhance the treatment of mental health issues. Along with Mind Cure, there is also TRIPP and MindMed that offer similar platforms. TRIPP takes patients on a psychedelic “trip” with psychedelic images in a virtual setting. This has been shown to stimulate mental wellness. The platform also incorporates psychedelic therapies to help support patients with the use of ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin.

For the launch of iSTRYM, Mind Cure plans to target clinics that specialize in psychedelic treatments, however, they plan to offer the platform to other facilities as well. They plan to begin commercializing iSTRYM in 2022 and hope to have integrated the platform into more than 150 clinics by the end of the year.

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