Crowd-funded headphones monitor brain waves to keep you focused

Creators at Vie Style Inc are combining neuroscience with the power of music to give individuals the power to tune their own brains and improve focus with the Vie Zone headset.

With a whopping $244k funded through kickstarter – that’s $234k over the original goal – this is the first of five devices from the music-focused tech startup to achieve it’s fundraising goal through the platform.

The device, wearable headphones, utilizes four sensors within the earpieces and on the neck to track both brain activity and heart rate. When paired with a music playing app on the user’s smartphone, the device signals music and or videos that will best meet the needs of the wearer to achieve a focused mental state.

With 6.4 million children in the US diagnosed with attention deficit disorders, and 4.4% of adults also living with some level of attention deficit, it is no shock that this product has received such outstanding support.

While it comes as no surprise to most of us that music can affect your mood and performance, Vie Style is taking this strategy to the next level by partnering with the University of Tokyo to deliver science-backed research that is proven to be highly effective and efficient.

This type of therapy has been used and clinically proven for the treatment of attention deficit disorders but is also commonly used by top performing athletes and executives who have realized the potential and value of hyper-focused performance.

By analyzing brain fatigue, the Vie Zone Ai-Powered Music Player can guide you to customized playlists that are targeted for either hyper focus or winding down. The monitoring abilities relay to you when you’re distracted vs. focusing successfully so that you can find your perfect “flow state.”


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