Wounded Warrior Project Joins Forces with Wave Neuroscience to Treat Mental Health Issues in Military Service Members

Nearly 20 years ago, the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) was created to assist military service members and their families. The program focuses on those battling PTSD and depression, offering mental health support through outreach programs. Recently, WWP teamed up with Wave Neuroscience, a technology company dedicated to developing cutting-edge, individualized therapies for brain health. Together, they plan to deliver Braincare™ therapeutics to those actively serving in the military, as well as veterans.

The treatment, referred to as “Operation Synchrony”, centers on rebuilding and improving brain health according to each individual. The outpatient therapy lasts approximately 30 days. During the one-year trial, the team hopes to help upwards of 160 individuals, including 120 veterans and individuals who served during the events of September 11, 2001.

“It is an honor to work with Wounded Warrior Project on this initiative,” said Fred Walke, CEO of Wave Neuroscience. “Some of the most transformative results we’ve seen using personalized brain care have been with military veterans and active-duty service members. The ability to provide care to these individuals, who selflessly served to protect our country, is deeply important to us.”

Wave Neuroscience has revolutionized the future of neurocognitive health by integrating the finest research, medicine, and technology into Braincare™. Compared to other treatment methods that diagnose and treat the supposed symptoms, this individual-specific therapy assesses and targets the issue at the source. Quantitative-EEG (q-EEG), a sort of digital brain mapping, is used to identify alterations in brain waves, which are then directly treated via FDA-approved transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

During the last few years, this non-invasive technique had been made available only to Special Ops Forces. Now, thanks to WWP, Braincare™ can help treat many other service members, both active and veterans.

“Wounded Warrior Project is deeply committed to providing access to care and treatment to heal the invisible wounds of war, including brain injury and post-traumatic stress. Through our work with Wave Neuroscience, the warriors we serve will have access to an innovative treatment to improve brain health, and therefore improve the quality of life for those who sacrificed so much in defense of our great nation,” said Alex Balbir, Ph.D., director of Independence Services at Wounded Warrior Project.

“This represents a truly promising and innovative approach to precision-guided and personalized Braincare™,” said Dr. Erik Won, Chief Medical Officer of Wave Neuroscience and a prior US Navy Flight Surgeon who served with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable). “We’re leveraging decades of research and evidence-based medicine to provide customized treatment protocols unique to each individual. It’s an extraordinary blessing and honor to collaborate with the Wounded Warrior Project to help those who served within our military community.”


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