Zing Energy Wants to Stimulate Your Brain

The Neurostimulation product aims to replace caffeine beverages with electrical impulses delivered to the sympathetic nervous system.

Recently announced Zing Energy is a disposable neurostimulation patch designed to create alertness and energy in the wearer.  Each patch can be used twice and “delivers a five-minute waveform of proprietary electrical impulses to the greater auricular nerve, creating an autonomic nervous system response.”   The patch is placed behind the ear and removed after the five minute stimulation session. The effects are purported to last up to four hours and to rival or surpass the effect or energy drinks in that time period.

Thync, the company behind Zing, conducted research over a period of five years which was the basis for the development of Zing. Research and development were conducted by a team of scientists and engineers from MIT, Stanford, UCSF and Harvard.

Isy Goldwasser, CEO and co-founder at Thync, said of the launch, “Our company was founded on the mission to bring neurostimulation to mainstream consumers and offer better alternatives to consumer drinks and supplements. With the launch of Zing Energy, I believe we’ve delivered on both.”

Zing Energy can be obtained at their website.  You can read the press release here.


  1. Next: Create a patch that flips a person into the parasympathetic mode for hours [perhaps via the vagus nerve?]

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