Glimpses of afterlife? ‘Near-death’ experiences aren’t hallucinations, scientists conclude

What happens when we die? It’s a question people have been asking throughout time and the answer is still a mystery. Now, a review of research exploring what people experience when they’re close to death leads scientists to one important conclusion — “near-death experiences” are a real thing, even if we can’t explain them.

Countless people have claimed that their life “flashed before their eyes” or that they actually left their body and traveled somewhere else while close to death. Critics have called these experiences hallucinations or illusions, but researchers from NYU Grossman School of Medicine say something else is actually happening.

The team of scientists across several medical disciplines — including neurosciences, critical care, psychiatry, psychology, social sciences, and humanities — have come up with a number of scientific conclusions after reviewing unexplained lucid episodes which involve a heightened state of consciousness.

What exactly is a near-death experience?

The main finding is that these events don’t have much in common with the experiences someone has if they’re hallucinating or using a psychedelic drug. Instead, people who have a near-death experience typically report five different events taking place:

  • A separation from their body with a heightened, vast sense of consciousness and recognition that they’re dying
  • They “travel” to a different location
  • A meaningful and purposeful review of their life, involving a critical analysis of all their past actions — basically, their life flashes before their eyes
  • Going to a place that feels like “home”
  • Returning back to life

Researchers note that the near-death experience usually triggers a positive and long-term psychological transformation in the person. The team notes that people who had negative and distressing experiences while near-death did not experience these kinds of events.

Something is happening in the brain

The team found that there’s more to a near-death experience than just the stories each person tells. It turns out scientists can actually see physical changes taking place in the brain when someone is close to death.

Researchers found the presence of gamma activity and electrical spikes when people are technically dying. This is typically a sign of a heightened state of consciousness when scientists measure it using an electroencephalography (EEG). The findings further back up the claims from people who say they “left their body” while dying.

Study authors note that advances in medicine over the last century have brought back countless people from the doorstep of death. For many of these patients, they come back with stories of unexplainable events, which until now, have not been studied in detail.

“Cardiac arrest is not a heart attack, but represents the final stage of a disease or event that causes a person to die,” says lead author Sam Parnia in a media release. “The advent of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) showed us that death is not an absolute state, rather, it’s a process that could potentially be reversed in some people even after it has started.”

“What has enabled the scientific study of death is that brain cells do not become irreversibly damaged within minutes of oxygen deprivation when the heart stops. Instead, they ‘die’ over hours of time. This is allowing scientists to objectively study the physiological and mental events that occur in relation to death,” Parnia continues.

Death may not be the end

Study authors conclude that neither physiological nor cognitive processes completely end at the moment of death. While prior reports haven’t been able to prove what people are saying about their near-death experiences, the new report finds it’s also impossible to disprove what they’re saying.

“Few studies have explored what happens when we die in an objective and scientific way, but these findings offer intriguing insights into how consciousness exists in humans and may pave the way for further research,” Parnia concludes.

The findings are published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

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    1. Humans are full of energy. The universe has a specific amount of energy, more than we can measure. Energy does not disappear nor can it be destroyed. Even a nuclear bomb just transfers energy, it does not destroy it. So what happens to our energy when we die? It doesnt get destroyed or disappear….it transfers to somewhere else. Be it an afterlife, back to the earth, or into a universal energy bank, i dont know. But our spirit, our energy, does not disappear when we die, its just transferred somewhere else….

        1. That is an utterly absurd response to his scientifically-based statement. Basic thermodynamics.

          Why are you so afraid of what he is saying?

        1. He’s correct. Basic scientific truth: energy is neither created nor destroyed. It really transfers its state.o

      1. I died twice 2 years ago on the way to the hospital and a week later in surgery. I’ve spent the last 2 years trying to explain and a month ago, figured out how to explain it and the solution to Schrödinger’s cat fell out of it.

        In short, you are correct!

      2. Sages who have studied these things say that what we have focused on in life helps to determine where our “energy” (i.e., “Soul”, “Spirit”, “Atma”, “Self”) goes after it finishes animating (root “anima” meaning “soul”) the material form made out of the magical and divine combination of the various material elements (air, earth, fire, water, ether). That is a very short summation of what Krishna goes into in a lot more detail in Bhagavad Gita (the Song of God). No reason not to study these things, wise people have been dedicating their lives to that study since time immemorial. The truth can be known for those who seek it. Oh yes, and we can have as many chances as we need and or want to get the answers and experiences that we seek, as the soul can inhabit and animate so many forms, there is no limit to that. Yes, it turns out that all this is a massive, Divine illusion, in the sense of impermanence. The permanent part is Divine.

    2. Humans all over the world have know that bad odours cause disease and that thunderstorms happen when their Gods are angry.

      Your Gawad is dead and your spirit is laughably non-existent.

      1. I forgot some folks thing everything made itself from nothing hahahaha I reject your science books written by money grabbing liars.

      2. Sarcastically quipped the meaningless slowly dying jumble of cells and colliding electrons and atoms smashing into each other, winding down in entropy somehow capable of speech and semi meaningful exchange of ideas with other meaningless clumps of jumbled and loathsome, but at the same time marvelous, organs somehow able to receive analyze and respond emotionally and rationally or erratically through meaningless light and silicon. Yes, seeing the world though your eyes is quite comical.

      3. “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”
        –Richard Feynman

        I don’t think Richard Feynman would want to have a beer with you.

      4. Humans also know that floors need to be clean and trash disposed of
        Is there any Bush country in Canada?

      5. Why so angry, Vendy? If that’s all there is, why not just be happy that you’re so “intelligent” and are nothing but worm food and that your life and death have absolutely no meaning in the end?

      6. Our G-d (YOUR’S and mine) is alive (metaphorically) AND He loves you! As do I.

        CareGiver Terra VERITAS (almost)

      7. Death must be a scary topic for you; that’s why it’s much easier for you to belittle others who speak about their experiences, or beliefs, or God (whether God is mentioned or not) than to offer any intellectually substantial discourse that would benefit the conversation. Perhaps your ego is so large that you honestly believe your childish retorts are going to be given any serious consideration by the people who read them. Or perhaps you really ARE a twelve-year-old child, in which case, please disregard my comment.

      8. That’s all you got Vendicar? Cherry pick a few people from the past that misunderstood how the world works to debunk the study. Knowledge and understanding progresses. Sounds like you do not.

      9. So an Atheist, a Crossfitter, and a Vegan walk into a bar. I only know this because they told everyone within 2 minutes …

      10. What an ignorant statement from one whose experience is limited .A know it all who knows nothing.You have a near death experience first before shooting your mouth off.

      11. Your appalling disregard for the beliefs of others is shameful. Believe what tou want but don’t dismiss the beliefs of others.

      12. Such a low-brow answer to a such deep philosophical question. Your (lack of) ability to analyze this phenomenon is staggering.

      13. Please tell us what happened when you died since you’re an expert. As far as God, perhaps our ideas of the energy or creative force that is God may be wrong but no one knows for sure how we got here or the origins of the universe with 100% certainty. For all we know we could be encased within a piece of dog poop and our idea of millions of years could experienced as the span of a minute by the cosmic canine that made it. You know with as much certainty about the origin of our creation and existence as anyone else and you know just as much about what happens after we die too. It’s a mystery. We know the physical body dies and but not much else since we can’t ask the dead what’s up with em’.

      14. Vendicar Decarian,

        Even if people believed falsehoods in the past, what on earth does that have to do with this issue? One could just as easily cite that point back to you (i.e., “Back in our benighted days, people used to think bad odors caused disease, and that NDEs were just dying brains, lol”). You seem to have in mind the old-timey, almost quaint, view, according to which there is a war between science and religion. In fact, there is no conflict between them. The conflict is rather between religion (specifically theistic religion) and *naturalism*. But what reason is there to think naturalism true? See Alvin Plantinga’s excellent book, by Oxford Univ Press, _Where the Conflict Really Lies_ for more on this.

        1. Science and faith share commonalities. They are not opposed. Many people know, with certainty, exactly how earth began, as well as what happens, and where we go after death. There is a book with the answers and explanations.

      15. An evangelical atheist! What are you giving in exchange for what you wish you could take away???

      16. Not interested in comments about spiritual matters from someone whose head is stuck in their anal cavity.

      17. From all of your Snarky comments comes a picture of a man who is afraid of “dying”. Those of us who know there is an afterlife are at peace with the thought of dying. However, YOU are not and that FEAR shows through boldly in your comments. Everyone dies, even You!

        1. I know the afterlife, too, but it is not ok to judge others as you just did. We have instructions to disciple with love. Above you talk about being snarky. Your own comment is snarky.

      18. Ridicule is not a rational argument. I could just as well say, “ha ha! You believe that there’s this magic force called ‘gravity’ that makes objects love the earth and try to get closer to it!”

        Likewise, saying “your God is dead” isn’t going to kill him. Anybody can say “you’re wrong”. Science requires evidence, not just ridicule and shouting louder than people who disagree with you.

    3. Yes, humans have “known” a lot of things that turned out not to be true. Atheists like myself do not believe in a spirit that leaves the body.

      1. Whatever NDEs are they can’t be generated by the brain because of the vast quantity of novel image information that is generated on the fly. By my calculation, at least a terabit of novel (creative) information per second. There are countless cases of people leaving their bodies and watching their resuscitation from above even traveling to different rooms and recounting what they saw and finding that these accounts are verified. And you can’t claim that these out of body experiences are somehow generated during the dying brain because it is not terribly uncommon that during extreme stress conditions (but not a dying brain) people leave their body and watch the events somewhat dispassionately from above. So unless we want to imagine that the eyes become disembodied with wireless transmitters to the brain, we have to conclude, on the basis of thousands of accounts, that an immaterial aspect of their psyche has left their body. There are also cases where people, who are blind from birth report seeing during their NDEs. Blind people would not have any iages to hallucinate with. Finally there are also cases where more than one person apparently experiences the same ineffable content during the death of a loved one. These are the “shared death experiences.”

      2. Having died 4 times and been returned. Just to let you know it hurts to return to the body! I asked the first time is it time? And like the sound of a gong the answer came back No! When the vibrations entered me, ideas put back into my body. No pain outside of my body. The first time I was 18, second time 27, watched the doctors work on me from above! Third time 36, left my body and while it was in recovery room, watched the doctor meet with my husband and parents explaining about my surgery. They were across the hospital waiting in my room. The last time I was 42. Again in recovery and watched them bring me back into my body. So believe what you want I know what I believe! We are body, soul and spirit!

        1. Very interesting Mary. I would like to hear more of your account. Have you posted a YouTube video anywhere?

      3. our spirit may never exist in the body, the brain seems more of an inter dimensional antenna, our conscience is not in the brain, but the brain definitely facilitates the interaction on this plane

      4. Who cares what an atheist like you believes? Have a near death experience before you show your ignorance of the spiritual world.

      5. We haven’t proven or disproven the proof of an afterlife because we haven’t died yet. I don’t think there’s a God punishing people for their sins though so we agree on that.

      6. Re: “…Atheists like myself do not believe in a spirit that leaves the body…”

        Despite being a retired paramedic, reaffiliated Xian, and pedophile survivor, (1 of many reasons for my reaffiliation from ancestral ‘R.C.C.’), the ‘jury’ is STLL out on whether any afterlife / Deity / Deities exist.
        That being noted…this / similar articles, my EMS experiences, and the general drift of this science strongly, suggests to me that there IS an ‘AfterLife’, regardless of what that AfterLife may / may not be…

        Blessed, Be Kept!

        1. Since we can’t know what an ape thinks or plumb the depths of their awareness we can’t know if they are or aren’t cognizant of some divine being.

          We can presume we know but presumptions are neither evidence nor facts.

          As to your hamfisted attempt to be glib, it also appears some people have a pathological need for certainty–which is merely a feeling created by the most primitive part of the brain and not something that is the result of reasoning or forethought. It is very much like fear or bliss, nothing more. Consequently, you are merely expressing your feelings about such matters and little else.

        2. “Just as far fewer apes believe in a God.” ~ We acknowledge that your species reassignment procedure is going according to plan.

          “Some apes are more intelligent than others.” ~ And you’re jealous of the intelligent apes.

        3. Awww… Does somebody need a nap? You’re spending a lot of time being miserable. People of faith don’t really care about your assessment. I pity you. It has to be sad to be driven in such a negative way.

          1. Yes, people of faith do not care about anything logical or that differs from what mommy taught them

    4. Right before my grandfather died he said ” oh it’s beautiful” he must have seen something.
      Jan H.

    5. She said in Medjugorje:
      “It will be a sad surprise for those who do not believe in Hell when they wake up there.’

      Hell Exists.
      So does Heaven
      So does Purgatory.

      So do Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    6. Modern physics holds that something that “is” can never cease to “be.” We agree that matter becomes energy and vice versa. But there is also the matter of conciousness, that survives. This could be our spirit or soul.

      Indian mystics or yogi’s, like Sadhguru, believe that our true self is “not the body and not even our mind”. What we are is separate from these, and linked to the all pervading conciousness that binds the creation. It would be this “real self” that continues after death, when our body and mind die. However, most people do not know or recognise their true self, seeking rebirth.

      Only through mefitation is this knowledge of ones true self possible and liberation from the cycle of life, death and rebirth possible.

    7. I have studied a lot of near death experiences. Looking into patterns and similitudes. Taking ages, sex, nationalities and many other discriminators to get a plausible understanding of the near death experience. The one that I could not disproved was the near death experience of children’s (ages 6 to 10), that were not influenced by religion, parents, social media or schooling. They were all the same as mature individual. They all saw a light, they all said they traveled, they all talked about people in the operating room that the never saw while under anestesia and medically dead. So, there has to be some truth, that we can not explained or understand as we have never experience it. Electricity goes through cables, we don’t see the atoms or the energy, but we sure will feel it if we received a charge in our bodies….sometimes wondering what is next is good.

    8. Yes but in the West we are denied the truth that we are spirit beings in a host body that
      is temporary !
      After i discovered this fact i realized all 40+ religions are inventions by man as the spiritual experiences are important to touch the spirit in each of us who must be here
      to learn and evolve !

      God has created a supernatural universe full of beings and used co-creators to spread life
      far and wide !

    9. My mother told me the story of when she was burned to death at 16 and subsequently came back to life. I don’t need an EEG study to know it’s true – my mother never lied. The lesson? She said that what she perceived is God told her, not with language, that she had been a “taker“ and had to go back to learn how to be a “giver.“ And so she did, and she did it well.

    10. “And I am not frightened of dying
      Any time will do, I don’t mind
      Why should I be frightened of dying? There’s no reason for it, you’ve gotta go sometime”

    11. Ozzy said nothing happens, man(when he had the farm incident” Nothingness.) He has a full degree in brain modification .phd. Pretty Damn High

  1. This is fascinating research and validated what people around the world have been stating for centuries.

    1. I read once that your body loses weight after you die.

      It was a lie, but I read it.

      Your Gawad is dead. Killed by science and reason.

      1. Time will tell. It is appointed unto man onceto die, after that the judgement. 1 Corinthians 15:2-4. Salvations plan.

      2. There’s an old saying,
        “No one believes in god more than an Atheist.”
        Think about it….
        You have to believe in what you are trying to disprove, lol.

      3. And yet in the end, when the earth is a cold, lifeless speck of cosmic ash and all the scientists and supplicants who genuflect at the altar of reason have been dead for millions of years, the planets and stars will keep spinning in their oil bath, indifferent to the hubris of the tiny bipeds who believed the intelligence that crafted everything could be slain by their syllogisms.

      4. Without endorsing any religion, my experience is that the most narrow minded and bigoted people that I’ve ever met are invariably materialists and atheists. Their arrogance is breathtaking, and the possibility that they can be wrong never occurs to them. If that’s intellectual sophistication, I’ll pass, thank you very much.

        Science is wonderful, but it creates more questions than it answers. Secondly, it deals with empirical data, not religious or philosophical questions.

      5. 99% of all scientific theories are wrong and need adjustments again, and again and again and sometimes are tossed completely. Only 2 theories from Hawkins a brief history of time books are still remaining, but in its day was genius. An open mind to any possibility is key to science, but it appears you no longer possess the foundation of science.

      6. What the heck is your problem? Is your existence so lonely and challenged and you’re such a garbage human that you need to destroy people’s hope for a here after?

        Maybe you tell yourself there is nothing after because you’re afraid of dying because you’re a POS.

      7. “Your Gawad is dead. Killed by science and reason.”

        Nonsense. Analytic, intellectual theism is thriving, most notably in the academy, like at no other time in history. And you would find it enlightening to read the history of science. You see, science itself was birthed as a consequence of theism, and more specifically, the Judeo-Christian worldview. That worldview also is why we have universities. And hospitals. And more. Your mockery is just evidence that you should read a little more widely.

      8. Oddly enough many physicists are now returning to the God model. Day by day science proves God.
        First it proved the flood. In that same breath it is beginning to disprove the “million years” ideology by showing a stunning lack of erosion between layers of sediment. No erosion = no passage of time.
        Then physics came along and taught us that energy cannot be destroyed and that we are energy. While they’re not saying it outright that sounds dangerously close to stating that we’re eternal.
        You should check out “The Case for Christ.” Written by a man bent on disproving Christ. His findings are interesting.

      9. Can the evangelical atheist person define “science” and explain how it impinges upon matters beyond the physical?
        Does this person have anything to give?

    2. After a motorcycle accident in the 70’s they put me under to pop my left hip dislocation back in. While under, I noticed I was hovering over my body and could see the doctor aligning my leg to reinsert it into my hip joint. I could read the brand name on the lighting fixture in operating room and nurses name on her pin. I mentioned this to my parents and they sat there with their mouths open looking at each other in dismay. I found myself being nicer to people…my parents noticed as well….hip dislocation, hardly a death inducing procedure, hovering over my body changed my life.

        1. How the heck do YOU know?

          You can’t disprove any of this, what you are proving is that you’re not a very nice person.

        2. YOU must be this gawad you refer to, since you have all the answers. As a scientist with my doctorate, your ignorance is astonishing. So is your narcissism.

        3. 99% of all scientific theories are wrong and need adjustments again, and again and again and sometimes are tossed completely. Only 2 theories from Hawkins a brief history of time books are still remaining, but in its day was genius. An open mind to any possibility is key to science, but it appears you no longer possess the foundation of science.

        4. Vendicar Decarian= Internet troll with a small penis and no friends…..the family dog doesn’t like Vendicar Decarian.

        5. Your commentary is repetitive and aptly illustrates hubris, no HUBRIS. Neither you nor I nor any other living person has all the answers re this subject. Posing as an all seeing all knowing seer of “real life” is neither constructive nor influencial to people who care to reason through life’s mysteries.

          Am I a big believer of the religious version of an afterlife. No – I firmly believe that no one person or group has “all the right answers” and surely most religions / political positions are self-serving or at least narrow minded. I do know that at age 20 I couldn’t believe that my very vibrant and consequential grandmother’s dead body was all that remained of her. Her “energy” / “spirit” / “good works” / “…” live on in some form or another.

        6. Bendiest: Why are you interfering with the discussion here? You present yourself as smart but act like a childish jerk. You don’t believe in an afterlife or God? That’s your problem. Leave people alone who are trying to have a discussion about the topic. You trolls are tedious.

        7. Verdicts Decarian,

          I have read many of your posts on this story, and they all evince a complete lack of curiosity. A total lack of interest in finding out what reality is actually like, and instead a desire to apriori rule out the phenomena that count against your worldview, or undermine the credibility of total strangers. You should at least be moved by curiosity. You would not make a good scientist with your attitude. Heuristic skepticism is valuable for getting at truth. But an apriori skepticism that dismisses out of hand that which doesn’t already fit with one’s worldview is to just shut yourself off from the world and the knowledge of it.

      1. Your story is consistent with all the others I’ve considered credible. Glad you’re back to tell it!

    3. It validates nothing. It just gives people who believe in fairy tales, justification for believing that nonsense.

      1. That’s not what AJ Ayers said. Dude was freaked out when he came back. I’m betting you will be too.

      2. Sure it validates something. It validates the falsity of naturalism. No naturalistic mechanism can explain many of these NDEs.

    4. no, you are mistaken. It is another in a series of fairy tales used to mollify those that struggle with the fact that they will be compost in short order

  2. I have never believed that the “moment of the last breath,” was like a light switch, the light is on then it’s off. The process of dying is just that, a process. Good read. Thank you.

    1. I completely agree with you. It is a process. Not even the heart completely dies when it flat lines.
      Each organ dies on its own schedule.

    2. It’s not the last moment of breath, but it’s when your heart stops. There are layers to dying and I often refer to it as visiting my “off switch,” which I did twice in a 1 week period. I have finally created a 6 page, hand written, explanation of my experience of dying twice in a week. Both times in the custody of medical care workers and later doctors. After stumbling into this article, I will finally write it up and figure out who I can send it too.

      I am not interested in any recognition and do not think the masses should know what I know. The masses can’t handle it. Finally, the solution to Schrödinger’s cat fell out of this. I can say the premise is wrong, but the correct answer is both. Last, I no longer believe in religon. Science will figure it out, once the correct questions are asked. There is existence after death.

      In closing, death is temporary, time and energy are key. Like most urban myths there is some truth to life after death, it’s just that peope don’t understand either correctly. Having done both, I don’t either! LOL, understanding time is the key.

      Attorney at Law

      1. Please do not post/publish this

        Kindly send me an email address. Since May 1 2020, I have been sitting with this. On 2/20/22 I figured out how to objectively explain my experience. My current plan is to send it to [email protected], however, if you are serious, I think you will find my observation interesting. I see bits of truth in a lot of comments, but I can coherently explain my truth! [email protected]

        Thank you.

  3. This is so true, I experienced an out of body event 30 years ago from a car accident, my soul floated above the car and I could actually see my physical body still clutching the steering wheel. I immediately noticed my brain rewinding my life experiences.
    From that day forward I never feared death.

  4. There was a study done a few years ago in England? The study involved placing symbols on shelves in ER’s above the height that people on the ground could see The theory was the people who were separated from their body above the room would see the symbols and then relay them back after these episodes. Sadly, I believe the conclusion to study was that none of these people who had these near death experiences could recall the symbols. To me it seems like a very empirical way to approach this how come the study is not reference and or publicize more? I think this topic is fascinating I want there to be evidence of afterlife just like everyone else

    1. Many studies, throughout the years have been done on people experiencing death. Some spoke of the medical staff conversations. Some spoke in detail about operations in other rooms. Some spoke of seeing family and strangers in waiting rooms as well as the discussions.
      Astral projection studies about people claiming to leave their body at will consistently of notes in high up places, signs in floors and ceilings as well as events taking place where the ones projecting were asked to attend and report about. These studies have all failed.
      The world would change greatly if others could “be a fly on the wall” so to speak. Politics would change, crime would change, humanity would change. Not sure if it would be for betterment or if it would bring out more of the sinister that humans tend to dwell on the most.
      Astral projection is a conscious and willful phenomenon where NDE is not willful and most are seldom conscious.

    2. I read about that study with the symbols or images on top of things in the hospital room where patients might have near-death experiences. The study was done by Sam Parnia, the sam person who did the study in the article. The idea on the earlier study was the symbols or images were not visible to anyone standing on the floor, but would be visible if someone were seeing the room from the ceiling. Near-death experiences are often reported to involve “floating” above one’s body, seeing things as if you were hovering near the ceiling.

      I agree that it was a good empirical approach to the problem. I think the study should be repeated. I read that none of the patients who had near-death experiences in the room reported seeing the symbols. However, they also did not report seeing the room from near the ceiling. For the experiment to be meaningful we would need patients who claim to have had a near-death experience in which they saw the room from a point of view where the symbols or images would be visible if they were really seeing the room from that point of view, rather than just hallucinating.

    3. I’d have to read the study to be sure, but that seems like a really flimsy way of testing whether out-of-body experiences are real, because if I’m floating outside my body, I’m not sure I’ll be paying that close attention to the room decor

    4. There are actually many documented instances of NDEs in which the patient experienced events at a distance, which were too specific to plausibly chalk up to coincidence or to explain naturalistically. You might check out the talk by philosopher of science JP Moreland in 2018 on NDEs at a conference. I believe it’s available on Facebook. Posted by Biola University.

  5. I met a guy who didn’t believe in spirits until he “died “ and came back. He said Good told him he loved him and showed him all the times in his life he had gotten what he asked for. He also said there were 3 spirits he felt were evil tempting him not to go back to his body.

    1. I met a guy who thought he was an orange and was demanding to be peeled.

      He called himself Carl the chicken man, and he smelled like God has peed on him.

      1. It’s evident that you don’t believe in the possibility of expanded human conciousness- that’s certainly your prerogative….but why such emphatic vitriol? It’s like you doth protest too much

      2. No, you didn’t.

        Then again perhaps you did.

        After all, I met a guy who said he met a man who often went by the name “Vendicar Decarian”–a person he described as one of the loneliest humans he had ever encountered and there was the undeniable stench about him of fear. Of what he could only guess but presumed it was a horror of the unknown.

      3. 2 Corinthians says, “For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” I pray that someday this will be your experience.

      4. so sad. An open mind to any possibility is key to science, but it appears you no longer possess the foundation of science.

  6. Adam BECAME a living spirit- he did not ‘receive’ one that is ‘separate’ to float around, just like a cartoon is either 2-D (dead) or animated.

    ‘Afterlife’? God is eternally alive, there IS NO ‘after’, but EITHER life OR death.

    Jesus became a quickening spirit in transfiguration, right here on earth, and did not ‘leave’ His dead body behind! He also ‘died’ a symbolic ‘death’ of the testator so nobody else would have to die, yet all ca. 8 billion morons are literally awaiting their death…

      1. I laugh at your belief in “Adam West” and “batman” as historical figures.

        Your low IQ level is confirmed.

    1. Deception is a crazy concept.
      He forest or the trees. The chicken or the egg. Change ones perception to a literal and magic springs forth.
      The world governs humanity based on sacred texts surrounded by clergy who decide what those texts mean based on individual conditions. Some call these texts Constitutions, some call these texts Holy Books. Some call the clergy law makers others call them servants.
      These texts are enforced with laws that can condemn every human being on the planet. They are enforced by humanity while officers of the law makers are the only ones who can legally uphold the laws that started out as 10 commandments and continue to expand.
      Before these sacred texts humanity had the freedom to make their own choices. Unfortunately the weakest fell prey and victim as they lacked the means to take care of themselves and defend themselves. They were grateful to those who fed, sheltered and protected them. Like loyal dogs they empowered the strong. They accepted the punishments bestowed upon them for offending their gods. This was he’ll and they wanted to rise into the heavens. Their abilities to craft things became another’s desire for controlling them for the power and wealth their resources and abilities offered. Enslavement became necessary. These nomadic types of power and wealth needed to be organized. What better way to do so than to declare your god given powers were superior.
      Battling provinces to make life “easier” made you god. Your life was in the hands of your best leaders. The saying that a society of people is as strong as the weakest will always be true. Weakness is death, an end to villages, nations, races, bloodlines. Wiped out completely, to exist no more. Condemned by gods posing as men.
      Tired of hiding behind religious deities the ego replaced the word with the word politics.
      God’s house is now a castle, palace, mansion, white house…
      Men of god are now servants to themselves serving under the houses of men. Being invited into such places via elections and selections instead of callings and appointments by the invisible. Instead of Pastors, reverends, priests, Choir boys, nuns, bishops, deacons etc we have kings, queens, presidents, dictators, congresses, parliaments, representatives, senators, etc.
      Instead of tithes we have taxes and the oppression they bring remains unchanged. Tithe or tax it ensures the warehouses now called banks for these gods, do not ever become empty. As the priests then and politicians now will always require themselves to be the fattest as we are taught the gods deserve.
      Jesus is now called the minority. Always martyred while humanity is still ignoring the fact that the weapon that inflicts the most pain and suffering is the martyr itself.
      Greed, ignorance, ego maniacal pride, arrogance and a self serving tendency is religion, is humanity, is the world!
      Until humanity is wiped off of the face of the earth god will always be alive and well. Unless humanity decides to become a martyr and rid the world of religion via politics. Via the notion that humans, outside of the elected and self selected aka gods, are doomed without them. Then Adam can become a living spirit instead of a slave to ego, deception and some false philosophy of life. The weak must break the programming that texts, taxes, laws, compliance, a lifetime of serving these gods gets us into heaven or hell. When we stop accepting our programming we cease to exist within the program. When we refuse another’s defiance or acceptance of the program we want to end their participation in the program and kill them or place them behind the locked gates of hell!
      You vote and pay taxes, you contribute to your philosophies be them for or against the system of religion nd call it living. You serve your chosen gods while denying them all the way to the bank! Why? Because you aren’t one of the weak, of course!
      Yet, we all are so weak that we surrendered our lives to our religious beliefs consisting of less than 50 political deities because, individually, we can’t vote for all of them. We fear hell if we demand being able to do so. We will be warned against doing so by being told why we can’t and shouldn’t. We comply and feel like it was our decision. Just like being baptized!
      Religion and politics are identical twins.

    2. Adam was created with a physical body and spirit which separate at death.
      God has no afterlife because He never dies except for when Jesus took on human form so He could die and then both His body and Spirit rose together.
      Nothing symbolic here.

  7. What happens if scientists proves there is a GOD and there is life after death and we make a choice now in this life where we go? Now what?

    1. What happens if scientists prove that the moon is made from cheese and that Donald Trump really is the return of Christ?

      What then?

      1. Would you like to make a well reasoned reply to any comment or the information in the article? Or would you rather insult people? I am aware you don’t care, just understand you are wasting your very limited time on this earth being a jerk adding nothing to the discussion of anything meaningful. Have a nice day.

      2. If it is truly proved, then it is truly proved, but we know your comments are non-sequitur. An open mind to any possibility is key to science, but it appears you no longer possess the foundation of science.

      3. All of the above would have interesting implications. But the existence of God would dwarf all of those implications. And so the weighty question, “What then?” still falls on you and I with the same gravity no matter how many snarky questions we might use to hide behind.

    2. No scientist can ever prove God
      exists. Anymore that any of us can prove we exist.
      Gods’ existence is only known through Holy Scripture, studying the cosmos (creation), and our own intellect and experience. I have studied the cosmos and know what the brightest astrophysicists have written and experienced. The circumstantial evidence is beyond OVERWHELMING.
      Absolute proof….it ain’t gonna happen.

    3. Those in charge of public perception will never allow absolute proof of the existence of God to be known. That would undo their plans. They already have the proof that people would want. That proof leads to a lack of faith, which is not the kinds of believing that God desires.

      Nevertheless the proof has and is being dug up all over the planet. Things that undo the carefully constructed narrative of history. All digs are strictly controlled via govt grants and government access to the sites. The materials recovered are classified according to sensitivity to the controlled narrative. All one has to do is examine the actions of the Smithsonian since it’s inception.

    1. I know there is an afterlife. Believe what you want – but I HAVE PROOF OF PICTURES with vivid angels and St Charbel taking my mom to heaven sept 15 2020. I would like to share this story. Dcdamiani@ aol .com. I know my mom is fine after these pictures. Truly unbelievable

    1. One day you find out the truth.
      Having worked in hospice, I know without any doubt that people in the dying process or those who have experienced an NDE are having legitimate spiritual experiences.
      Read the NDE experience of neuroscientist Eben Alexander.
      These are not hallucinations.

    2. They may will be. But shouldn’t we defer to those who are currently the most knowledgeable about this phenomenon?
      Humility would suggest that this topic is incompletely understood and necessitates further continued investigation.

    3. I died and had a NDE in 2003AD. I can assure you Jesus is alive and well. I didn’t want to come back.

    4. Hallucinations have poor explanatory power and scope for many NDEs. For instance, people reporting events they had no naturalistically explainable way of knowing about, such as there being a blue pair of blue shoes located at a certain point on the roof of the hospital or the intricate details of a conversation being had by family members several miles away at the moment the NDE was occurring. Or the name of the procedure the doctors in the adjoining operating room were doing at the time.

    5. I always wanted to meet one of B. Hussein’s “Navy corpsemen [sic]”.

      Are you “Brashears”, or a different “Navy corpseman [sic].”

      Nice to know of you.

    1. I died and had a NDE in 2003AD. I can assure you Jesus is alive and well. I didn’t want to come back

    2. So true so true. I have pictures of my mom and vivid angels and saints taking my mom to heaven on sept 15 2020

  8. Oh yes, once when I fainted, I slipped from my body into a lovely light, and followed it to a group of people who told me that I was now with the invisible sky wizard, and we would spend eternity praising him en masse, kind of like a celestial North Korea. And after a billion trillion gazillion years of singing his praises, we would just be warming up. I said, “Well that sounds a bit far-fetched, not to mention tedious. I think I’ll go back.” And then I awoke, happy that none of that was real.

    1. I will never understand why people like you are so threatened by these experiences. Do you believe they are lying and personally trying to attack you?
      Whatever you believe, there is no justification to be rude and degrading.

  9. There is no doubt in my mind that life continues after we supposedly “physically die”, as evidenced by thousands upon thousands of near death experiences by people that have had them. If there was nothing after we “physically die“, our lives here, in my opinion would be meaningless and fruitless or for those who really don’t believe in an “afterlife”, a life lived for selfish and unloving reasons running the gamut of excesses in every category of life without considering the consequences to both themselves or to the other people who witness and experience this abnormal behavior. With this kind of attitude, anything goes regardless of the consequences or the damage to both oneself or to others in this process.

    It is my personal belief, that we keep coming back into into a new life after we pass on and after a period of time for reflection on the life just lived, while on the other side, until we get it right or become like the very essence of our Creator. We will also have the opportunity to either stay in the “afterlife“ or to come back at our convenience to continue our learning experience here on planet Earth. In the “afterlife”, we grow more slowly than becoming back here on the Earth plain, where our many and varied experiences help us learn the very nature of Creator. Yes, it may very well take many lifetimes and probably over a span of hundreds maybe thousands of years to complete that task, but as we grow in love, so does our Creator.

    1. We will also have the opportunity to either stay in the “afterlife“ or to come back at our convenience to continue our learning experience here on planet Earth.
      I TOLD YOU SO! I recently made a pact with my spirit counselor not to ever send me back here. No more human interaction for me thank you very much. What a bunch of rotters.

    2. There is no doubt in my mind that many people are dumber than the content of their own toilets.

      It is my personal belief that once they die, their IQ actually increases.

      1. You must be one of those people because all you do is utter nonsense to people like you hate them for having beliefs. It is a sign of a weak mind and intelligence.

        You dont have to believe and you could keep going on like an asshole, or you can simply try to engage in constructive discourse and be respectful. None of the people you have been an asshole towards has attacked you, whether you believe it or not.

        So try to be civil.

      2. So, you do believe that intelligence survives death. That is the thing you fear, isn’t it? You’re not afraid of dying. You’re afraid that you will be trapped in the cul de sac of your thought-tormented existence.

      3. Ever notice how atheists try so hard to convince everyone who believes in God that they are wrong? Also notice how atheists are often angry and bitter when they “dialogue” with theists? Makes you wonder if their forcefulness and bitterness are attempts to mask over the fact that they don’t have much of an argument.

      4. I died and had a NDE in 2003AD. I can assure you Jesus is alive and well. I didn’t want to come back.

      5. Classic case of projection…Vendicar Decarian’s IQ is estimated at 62 on a good day.

        This is not a good day.

      6. If you propose their IQ increases after death, then you acknowledge life after death. Hoisted on your own Picard.

    3. I too believe there will be a choice…..not for everyone, but a few…to either stay in a spirit world or come back to Earth. Also a spirit coming into Earth can select who they would like for parents….. That’s how I got great genes. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

    4. You certainly are entitled to your opinion even as unsubstantiated as it is.
      Nothing in my religious readings have convinced me of
      My Creator does not grow in love…He is All Love.

    5. I agree with you. Life is a school room and each time we come into a new body we are in the next level of our schooling. Life is an adventure we are given and agree to for our spiritual growth.

    6. Thank you, Steve, that was really beautiful. It sums up pretty much what I believe in completely and totally. In 1982 I suffered an NDE and was pronounced dead. Prior to this, I was a confirmed agnostic not believing in the “gawd” in the sky. And then it happens to you….

      When I died, I actually felt my consciousness sliding away from my body. At the time, defibs were very new in hospitals. Fortunately for me, the doctor had been trained in their usage. I was the first one in the hospital it had been used on.

      I remember being above my body watching everything that was going on, feeling very concerned and knowing that I didn’t have much time left. Next thing I knew I was in a waist-deep dark fog not knowing where I was. I saw a light up ahead and people in the distance. Getting closer it was my grandfather and uncle who passed years earlier — hadn’t thought about them in many, many years. My uncle led me to some other people who were old high school friends who had passed, again the furthest thing from my mind.

      Next I was led to an area with very bright light above. It definitely felt like a loving intelligence. I remember arguing that I had very much work to do on Earth and “had to do my job”. Next thing I knew I was back in my body, and my chest was aching.

      Later I was told that my time of death had been called. Lucky for me the doctor zapped me another time. I described to the doctor all of the actions that occurred in the room that day, including which nurse went to go find the doctor who knew how to use the defib.

      I feel very comforted knowing that there is an existence beyond this physical life. As said before in the comments, we are all energy — just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

    7. “There is no doubt in my mind that life continues after we supposedly “physically die.” You, sir are correct, but not how life is commonly defined. I am “Schrödinger’s cat.”
      And I am extremely serious with my comments! After surviving 2 death twice and trying to figure out how to explain my experience for over 2 years, (both times are medically documented), I had an epipany and can correctly tell you the cat is both dead and alive at that moment in time.

      I no longer believe in heaven or hell. Science will eventually figure this out, once man understands time, then we will understand everything.

  10. Anecdotal information abounds on this subject, but please know that these tales, however compelling, aren’t evidence of anything.
    However, it’s fascinating that we’re starting to study the dying process empirically: from these efforts we can actually obtain solid information about what, if anything, occurs within the psyche during and after death.

    1. Every advance in science began with an anecdote just as a blizzard begins with a single snowflake and a monsoon with one drop of rain.

  11. Of the many ways this is explained in religions throughout the world, I think the Bhagavad Gita does the best job of putting it all into prespective.

    1. I read the Bhagavad Gita with interest. That Hare Krishna is the premortal Lord Christ seems likely.

  12. The question “what happens when we die?” is somewhat analgous to the question a 7 year-old might ask, i.e., “where do babies come from?” The answers to these questions are a constant and hiding in plain sight, but the variable is our own individual development and preparedness for detailed answers to these questions.

    Perhaps a better question to ask concerning this matter would be “what purpose does NOT knowing what happpens when we die serve, and how do we obviate this purpose in order to answer the original question?”

    Currently, a worldwide network of schools is dedicated to a campaign of education for those interested in studying the “deeper sciences”. It’s purpose is the practical application of the knowledge they share in the service of humanity.

    For more information, it is suggested you check out: .

    Peruse the material there with an open mind, and if so inclined, get to work. All hands are needed on deck. The catastrophies consequent to the ultra-materialism of modern society will not end with the horrors of the situation in Ukraine. If we refuse to learn via consciously directed education, then we will learn more slowly via suffering.

  13. Actually quite comforting to know that it’s not eternal “nothingness”. Even as a Christian some wonder if there’s even a small chance that upon death you cease to exist. This makes me feel a bit better.

    1. No, not eternal nothingness, just eternal non-existence.

      Your brain stops, you stop. End of story.

      1. Yes, the physical you is born and dies. What STAYS is who you are; which is Consciousness. That’s your true identity. In fact there is nothing BUT consciousness manifesting as everything you observe in the Universe. Anything physical has a beginning and an end but energy, or in this case life energy is the only thing that exists beyond the death of the body.

      2. That would be pointless. You were nothing for all eternity before your first memory. You have this little speck of time alive, and then become nothing for infinity. Wtf is the point of that? There’s gotta be some purpose. I believe we’re already in the metaverse.

      3. You’re trying way too hard to convince yourself. It demonstrates that you’re failing in the attempt.

          1. You’re a liar and a fool.

            But as the two trails are not mutually exclusive, get a room with Vendicar.

      4. How do you know Vendi?? Gowad loves even you Vendi and has left you a seat at his table. Let go of your hatred and denial. We welcome you with open arms, it’s ok

      5. V.D. You might just be right but not for the reason you think. In the afterlife, like attracts like so you will probably end up with a whole lot of others who think they don’t exist and as far as you are concerned, you won’t exist, until eventually a rescue mission will awaken you. How do I know? half a lifetime of reading the literature on the subject and starting a ‘spiritual’ group to see how correct invited Mediums were and after 8 years the evidence for the afterlife was indisputable for all but the ‘Ostriches’. I’m at the end of my ninth decade, fit and in no need of medication, i’ll be happy to meet my three late wives !

      6. What proof do you offer? An open mind to any possibility is key to science, but it appears you no longer possess the foundation of science.

    2. It comes down to what you want to believe.
      Years ago I began an in depth search as to how God could be known or proven. Intensive reading and research.
      I’ll save anyone a lot of time.
      Conclusion: Can God be proven ?
      Answer: No but God can be known.
      How? Do your own searching. Study the Scriptural prophecies already fulfilled. Study the cosmos and learn how absolutely incredible is its fine-tuning. Reflect on your own and others’ experiences.

  14. If this were a real glimpse of an afterlife it wouldn’t just be linked to gamma waves and it would be experienced by everyone, including people in traumatizing situations like car wrecks. This isn’t proof of anything other than the brain shuts down gradually.

    1. Did it claim to be proof? Maybe if you actually read the article, it’s just stating some of its findings.

    1. In this age quantum physics and molecular neurobiology, any reference to proof of an afterlife in the Bible is irrelevant. Be that as it may, near death experiences are worth cataloging, categorizing and rigid (not pseudoscience) academic research.

  15. My belief for decades has been the existence of the quantum branching multiverse theory. An infinite number of realities branching out from every decision a person makes, each reality as real as the other.

    Upon ‘final’ death, a person’s POV changes, from a reality of one universe to another. And so on, infinitely.

    A near death experience is preparing or executing, the consciousness to a new POV. If, or when, the person’s life doesn’t end, the person may or may not remember the process. Not every near death comes with awareness.

    I’ll be very interested to see if science can test near death theories, but as far as I’m concerned, the multiverse is a certainty. I just happen to put more weight on quantum branching multiverse.

    1. Wow, that is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

      Consciousness has nothing at all to do with quantum mechanics.

      1. You may not believe in what this article is saying and that’s okay. Even so, you still manage to come across as nothing but an a**hol*

      2. Actually, the double slit experiment is specifically connected to consciousness. Also the conservation of mass and energy is directly related to whether consciousness just disappears (unlikely) and quantum non-locality is in-line with a Universal Field or a oneness of the Universe.
        Are you a child? I’m hard pressed to think of a well-adjusted adult who would just keep insulting people just because they disagree with them. Especially about a subject that no one really knows the answers to. And there are those- Einstein, Schrödinger, Kepler, Newton, Copernicus, Planck, Faraday, etc and 35% of the rest of scientists- that believe in a higher power and are a lot smarter than you could imagine in your wildest dreams. So calling them stupid makes you a colossal moron.

      3. Mr. Decarian seems to feel it’s important to reply to all who feel like this articl. Also, seems terribly disturbed and terrified of death.

      4. I think you’re angry because you have never had a spiritual experience, seen an apparition, had an NDE or spent time with a dying person whose transitioning from this physical life. IMO

    2. I think it has to do with dimensions, we move from one dimension to another, but it could all well be right here on planet Earth.

  16. I have had 4 patients with near death experiences. One woman was smiling as I did CPR. I later asked her about it and she told me she had died once before and knew what to expect. All had a profound change in attitude about life and God. That their experiences were so similar is interesting.

    1. If your brain dies gradually can you feel pain while they remove your organs for a donor? I have read bodies clutch their fist and twitch when being cut open and in many cases the dead body needs held down via straps . Look it up

    2. I died and had a NDE in 2003AD. I can assure you Jesus is alive and well. I didn’t want to come back; I, like your patient, look forward to death.

    1. We intake information and draw conclusions by 3 means. Rationalism, empiricism, and faith. Believing a thing by faith alone does not prove it is false. It would at least be considered a possibility by a rational mind. And the empirical mind would agree. One should consider that he is really a spiritual being in the process of having a physical experience here in life.

  17. Odd that the writer of this piece insinuates no serious research had been conducted on NDE until now. One only needs to look at Dr. Raymond Moody and his book Life After Life, published in the 70s. And that was just the beginning of many books and studies on the topic. Doing research while writing is just as important as research on the topic itself.

  18. I dont think this report is saying what you think it is saying. It is not affirming life after death, it is observing brain changes and brain cells that continue to function after clinical death, and the possible implications of that.

  19. Someone I know and worked with told me she saw her body as she was dying, looking down. She also witness Jesus Christ during this time, she saw the Father. She returned back to her body to tell this story. God lives.

    1. Well you are today’s winner. Proof positive that the the eons old debate does God exist is now permanently settled. Thank you, you are truly remarkable.

    2. I died and had a NDE in 2003AD. I can assure you Jesus is alive and well. I didn’t see Heavenly Father tho. Maybe next time.

  20. now now science ..dont start with “after life junk” you may start saying there IS a god..

    these guys need to take a good hit of LSD …then revise their findings and theories

    the more science says it knows .. it shows how little it knows

    the big bang ass

    1. Most of them speak of God frequently. True blasphemers – ‘committed’ atheists, etc. – really do believe in God. That’s why they often invoke His name.

      And you shall know them by their hatred.

  21. I got electrocuted onstage while playing guitar.I passed out and then I “awakened” to a all encompassing “white light”…I said to myself”Oh shit,I’m dying”.But not in fear,rather in awe,like seeing some fantastic natural wonder.I believe in evolution and natural selection.”Near death” experiences must have some constructive purpose,a result of evolution.I’ve wondered for years about this.Maybe there’s a “law of conservation of consciousness”,similar to matter..

    1. That’s the great thing about all of this. We ae all going to find out with certainty, one way or the other. I can guarantee whichever way it goes, we will ALL be surprised! If there is an internet on the other side, the comments are going to be hilarious!

  22. also refer to Dr. Brian Weiss, Psychiatrist Emeritus, Yale University. He has done extensive research on this topic.

  23. Many years ago I had a vivid dream about uncle he just came to talk. It was so real and vivid that I even called my mother she said that he died that night

    1. My Grandfather came to me wen I was in bad shape. He didn’t say anything, but it was a comfort to see him.

    1. The Bible is just one of many ways to find the God source..and bring it closer to you.
      Science minded folks need to read “Life after Life”…by Dr. Moody..then tell me…… its all a shared all can not be that dense ..can you?

    2. The Word of Promise® NKJV

      Romans 1:20-25

      20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,
      21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened.
      22 Professing to be wise, they became fools,
      23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.
      24 Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves,
      25 who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

  24. This is not surprising to those who are spiritually alive and have had personal experiences that validate the truth of the existence of the spirit. Also… there are those that are spiritually dead, who are somehow upset or threatened by the reality of a spiritual being. These poor souls live their lives believing they are a hunk of meat and electrical impulses and somehow are “magically” superior because they believe in a bunch of nonsense on this issue which they assert is “science”. I feel sorry for them.

  25. “What has enabled the scientific study of death is that brain cells do not become irreversibly damaged within minutes of oxygen deprivation when the heart stops. Instead, they ‘die’ over hours of time.”

    Naturally, this then leads to the oft-asked question of how much and for how long is a person conscious after being beheaded? 😮

    I imagine it will quite a while before that question will be answered authoritatively. 😏

  26. Great article and very interesting comments. When my Dad was in CICU, he had a near death experience, he could see himself walking in a bright lit tunnel and a spirit was beckoning him to come and he said “No my wife and daughters were waiting for him in his room but when he came back to life no-one was in the room except 2Drs. and 3 nurses and my Mom and us girls were home just getting ready to head to the hospital. He said it was a feeling of euphoria for him !

  27. Quote: “While prior reports haven’t been able to prove what people are saying about their near-death experiences, the new report finds it’s also impossible to disprove what they’re saying.”

    This is a “dead” giveaway that this is no scientific study. In the scientific method, you must be able to disprove it. It must be falsifiable. This article is literally junk.

  28. Glad I know where I’m going when I die, to be with Jesus in Heaven. And anyone else can have this same surety as well. Have faith in God, believe in His Son, ask for His forgiveness and live for Him. Now is not the time for hesitance or pulling back, reluctance. The world is getting worse by the day and we know His coming is at the door. Do not be left behind!!

  29. You’re dreaming. Things that happen in the real world (the body dying) affect the subconscious and it reacts accordingly. Once the brain cells are dead, the dreaming ends. Like everyone else, I naturally react to the laws of self preservation and want to live forever as well. But so far no evidence of permanent life after death.

  30. Vendicar Decarian – Look deeply into the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Witnessed by a secular media, believers, unbelievers by a crowd estimated up to 80,000. Also look deeply into the “painting” of Our Lady of Las Lajas. The “paint” in the rock was tested by German engineers and found to be about a meter in depth. Get the facts, Then decide. Too many atheists are scientific in their approach to all things except God. You are trusting your intuitive judgement, but if you are wrong, you will be wrong for eternity and you will always know it. If you are right, you will be right for eternity, but will never know it. Get the facts, then decide. Both events I cited are empirical.

  31. Pascal’s wager might be considered. If I believe and trust in God for eternal life and it turns out I was wrong then the result of my beliefs will have been a kinder, gentler and more generous existence during what time I had on earth… then the end.

    If I am right, then I leave this world to something I have been preparing for all along.

    I would rather be wrong and thoughtful of others than discount all spiritual aspects of human existence and disparage those with beliefs I disagree while living a sad life full of put-downs and insults.

  32. There are two different kinds of evidence for OBE’s, subjective and objective. An objective example; a lady had an NDE on the ground floor of a hospital. She claimed that she floated above her physical body to a higher floor, many stories up. There she reported seeing a pair of shoes outside a room, on a window ledge. She specifically described an indent in the toe of one shoe, and the arrangement of the laces. Later, the shoes were found by others and their appearance was exactly as she described. Also, there have been many cases of people who were blind from birth, but had an OBE and described their physical environment with accurate details

  33. If the gamma waves were not present you would argue that it’s not based on anything detectable.
    If the gamma waves are present you will assert they they are meaningless.
    Why don’t all traumatized people experience this phenomenon?
    To be determined. Stay tuned.

  34. I died and had a NDE in 2003AD. I can assure you Jesus is alive and well. I didn’t want to come back. Next time I die, I expect a smile on my face for wonderful on the other side.

  35. I have dies twice with last rights called on me. Was on my way to hell and a very dark place… total out of body experiences watching myself from above dying. Still haunts me

  36. I have died twice with last rights called on me. Was on my way to hell and a very dark place… total out of body experiences watching myself from above dying. Still haunts me… get a grip before it’s too late is my advice.

  37. Not hallucinations, but dream states. Despite millennia of claims, there is no reason to think that death is anything other than death. The visions that occur near death are not universal; most people don’t have them, and their contents are far from consistent. And those visions that have been reported are not substantially different from the dreams that occur when we sleep.

    If science wants to advance in its understanding of near death experiences, the first step is to surmise that there is a real connection between these experiences and dreams. I personally can report that my dreams are as detailed and seemingly real as any near death experience that I have ever read about. In dreams, I often feel that I am observing from outside my own body, flying through the air, executing supernatural feats, and communicating with exotic and even supernatural beings. This is where the truth lies, not in some concept of “afterlife”.

  38. Anybody besides me notice how angry and sarcastic the atheists are? If only stupid people believe that something besides a big boom is responsible for life why does that make you so angry?

  39. Sure have. It impeaches itself by too many irreconcilable differences. Just a book written by errant humans.

  40. Has anyone ever seen in the afterlife or a deep dream, a totally unique color that doesn’t exist in our world? I often, when trying as I fall asleep, start to see surroundings and images that do not exist here. A little like an acid trip, perhaps. Always look for a color that is not in our world, and have yet to see that. That would convince me.

  41. The investigators should try to determine which sex experiences the most OOBE. I believe the report would show that females …more right brained..have the most OOBE. Some females with the rightandleft brain strength will have the most OOBE. Males are more objective in nature , and will admit to fewer OOBE. Then it follows that physicians who are still predominately male will deny many of the OOBE. There are so many sides to the lucid dreams, and their connection with OOBE. Sometimes I think that death is more fascinating than present existence (life). I could write volumes about my virtual experiences in the three years following my son’s tragic plane death. The lucid dreams ended almost on the anniversary of his death, and I woke , and saw him standing by my bed. He said, “I’m leaving now.” I never saw or heard of him again.

  42. Oh Vendicar, you silly goose! Being an atheist doesn’t disprove the existence of god. The cosmos is too grand for a naive simpleton such as yourself to have the singular answer. Science is simply a rational retelling of what already exists. It can’t disprove what isn’t empirically observable. I truly feel bad for all the people suggesting they have the answers for everything under the Sun! You silly know it alls! Lol

  43. Of course people who have ‘near death’ experiences were not really near death as they all came back with normal brain function and the ability to remember and retell their hallucinatory experiences. Maybe if we could get the story from the ones who survived as human vegetables due to the real death of their brain cells we could get to the truth. But of course that can never happen.

  44. Humans are made up of mass and energy, and as we know energy can never die or be destroyed it only takes a different form.     – Physics101 –

    The energy in our bodies is essentially our soul. When we die our soul/energy leaves our body and rather than scatter into the atmosphere it takes its most familiar form, which is our own body. Somewhat akin to muscle memory but with our energy. This is what ghosts are. Some people are able to tap into this energy and use it but they call it their “Chi” (basis of kung fu). 

    Because God can never die he is likely a being of pure energy. When he created us and breathed life into us he shared his energy with us. Thats why Jesus said his spirit is in all of us (the holy spirit). This is also how we will be damned to hell forever or rewarded with the kingdom of heaven, our souls cant die because theyre energy.

  45. Plato was the first to write about them I believe. My son was almost killed in a car accident. Three days later he almost bled out and had a NDE. How he described it, was bliss beyond measure. It stayed with him for the rest of his life and it changed him. He was gone for three hours with 21 transfusions and the nurse straddling him trying to get him back. The information he brought back from grandpa could not of been made up. In my heart I know they are real.

  46. There are three possibilities of what happens when you die. a) Nothing happens; that’s it; the end. b) “You” continue. c) Consciousness continues, but “you” don’t. To me, b) is a non-starter.

  47. Just more click bait. The title implies that science has confirmed that NDE’s are real events, when they’ve only documented changes in brain function during trauma. Well, duh.

  48. If you’ve ever met someone who has had a NDE there is no question in their mind about the experience being real. In fact they describe it as being more real than this life. This is not a new concept. For centuries mystics have told us that this 3 dimensional world that we detect with our 5 senses is an illusion & that the true reality is that which cannot see with our limited vision. That there is a realm of existence beyond the limited view we have in this life. There are simply too many accounts of NDEs with numerous similarities to just dismiss them as being “wishful thinking”, chemical changes in the brain while dying or someone’s overactive imagination.

  49. I experienced an NDE when I was 33. Post surgery I was in a hospital bed at midnight. One nurse on the phone said, “She’s going sour, what do we do now?” Another put an IV in my arm and another an oxygen mask on me. I watched them from the out of my body over the foot of my bed. Then I was in dark and communicating with God who non verbally told me I could return to my husband and children if I so chose. i had no pain or fear and felt totally loved and cared for. I had a loving family and have had a loved life. For several years I worked with Ken Ring at UConn and helped innumerable grieving people. It was all a gift!

  50. What most people consider “consciousness”, a collection of senses processed in the brain, is the real misunderstanding. While the brain does process senses, that is not consciousness. The universe is a collection of all energies, some detectable, some not detectable. The brain acts as a filter to all that exists. The human brain filters through those universal energies that constitute our consciousness, with some fringe outliers. When you begin to understand existence as an infinite set of alternative “consciousnesses”, it opens up a dearth of understanding of you and your world.

  51. When I was twelve years old I had scarlet fever and was moved from my home to my grandparents’ home where I remember lying in their bed and having the doctor come to examine me. I don’t remember much more than him leaving and my mother and grandmother crying and I became into a sleep. I saw the middle of my body become bigger and I rose out of it and floated up to the upper right corner of the room and sat there just floating while I looked at myself on the bed and heard the cries of my mother. I remember floating from the right corner of the ceiling to the left corner and then going into what would be like a huge dark pipe and moving faster upward in it until I saw a light and then suddenly I was bad in bed and lucid. I have never forgotten this and my life has been hugely blessed in every way. I am 87 years old. I remember this incident still now.

  52. OK, answer this: chimps share 98% of our DNA. When chimps die, do they go to Chimp Heaven? Or is that privilege only for humans? If so, why?

    Go back 500,000 years, when hominids were much less intelligent, probably in the chimp range of today. Did they go to hominid heaven?

    Did Cro-Magnons? Did Neanderthals?

  53. The book Beyond Mile Marker 80 is a true story of a man on an operating table from a car wreck where his wife just died. He sees his wife with Jesus. The doctor and nurse see the same thing and travel telling of this.
    I only believe 20% of the Bible and God doesn’t believe all the Bible, 300 verses say fear God and they ignore what God said; their fear of ME is a commandment of men Isa.29:13. HE also said more than once they lead my people astray.
    Richard met God is a YouTube video where Richard cries talking about God’s unconditional love.
    Howard Storm, a former atheist cries talking about God’s love.
    Jordan Peterson, a former unbeliever cries talking about Jesus.
    You can’t see all the evil and not realize something is wrong and it is a verse 2 Cor. 4:4 NLT.
    Most Christians ignore Rom. 8:11 HE that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you. HE will never judge you for being an atheist but has changed many minds including mine.
    I’ve cried feeling HIS love and felt like a 4 yo child.
    Most cannot figure out a simple card trick or Jr. High math, but we know the answer to the most important question for humanity.

  54. The experience of god is real…and completely natural. Religions are guideposts to this fact, but too often adherents mistake their beliefs for the experience.

  55. Re: “…near-death-brain-activity…”

    I’m retired from NYC-EMS, (’83-’94; pre-NYFD-merger).
    C.P.R., w/ A.C.L.S. medications, intubation, d/c countershock, etc., were a nearly every day experience for me, 1975-1997, when I officially retired from strapping on a partner / ambulance.
    I STILL carry narcan, a pocket mask, and an O2 key, 24 x 7…
    Most such situations end w/ pronunciation of death; My crew and I have also received a round of applause from bystanders, during an arrest, with return of vital signs in the street; (a very rare event in my experience…). most such situations end w/ pronunciation of death.
    My crew and I have also received a round of applause from bystanders, during an arrest with return of vital signs in the street; (a very rare event in my experience…).

    This is fascinating data!!
    I’ve heard S/p cardiac arrest patient’s comment, re white light / tunnel / encounters w/ people KNOWN to be deceased / various Deities / floating above, and/or, to one side, watching us / the E.R. crew as the arrest procedures progressed, etc.
    I WASN’T in a position to research whether what my patents reported were real (‘supernatural’??) events or hypoxia-induced…

  56. It is still an article of faith as to what happens after we die. We are becoming more familiar with the process of dying, though. I threw multiple PE’s a few years back and my heart stopped. I remember a sense of peace and had a clear thought saying, “Don’t be afraid of shadows,” and then I was gone. They coded me and brought me back in about a minute. The nurse asked me if I seen a light and I told her I had not. She said, “Sorry. Maybe that’s not where you were going.” Great laugh and yes, life has taken on new meaning since that event.

  57. Mr. Melote,
    The subject of “death” is continuing “living” makes me wonder. It is the next stage of life. A different, more accomplished and happier one! Of course, it does rely on prior type of life while alive! Although life on earth is short, it is indeed a learning, trial and rewarding experience. I do look forward hugging again my beloved ancestors in a heavenly and purer state of being! After all, families can be together for ever! I am an LDS! The Lord Jesús conquered death, so can we when the times comes. Meanwhile, live life to the fullest; doing all good deeds to yourself and your neighbors, especially acknowledging the hand Of God in all things! Be happy and make people happy! A smile and a grateful heart is all we do need? Sincerely, Rosita🌷

  58. Saying “it’s all a hallucination” is a weak rebuttal. You can — and people do — say that about anything that they don’t want to believe is true. People who say “the supernatural is impossible, therefore any claims of supernatural events must be hoaxes or hallucinations” are saying that they have decided, before looking at the evidence, what the truth is, and then they dismiss any evidence that conflicts with their preconceived dogma.

    Of course there really are hallucinations in the world. And if someone actually presented evidence that these experiences are hallucinations because of objective evidence, that would certainly be interesting. But the only argument I’ve heard in this case is, “I just know based on my dogmatic beliefs that this is impossible, therefore these must be hallucinations.”

  59. I have had two NDEs. First one in 1984 while in the process of being run down by a bus and second one in 2001 after going into cardiac arrest. I am so happy that NDEs are being studies more these days.

  60. I dont understand what the author means by this: “The team notes that people who had negative and distressing experiences while near-death did not experience these kinds of events.” It seems important. Apparently there were participants who had such negative and distressing experiences, and I’m wondering what their measurements showed at the time, and what those people did report. And I mean what are the differences between this group and the group with the positive experiences. If authors ever reply to these comments, I’d love to know your thoughts on this population, and if you could provide more details that you may not have had room to include in the article. I’d also appreciate any other readers’ thoughts on this aspect as well.

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