Wispr AI Raises $4.6 Million To Pursue Creation Of First Thought-Powered Interface

San Francisco-based neurotechnology and artificial intelligence startup, Wispr AI, announced it raised $4.6 million in seed money to further research in their pursuit of creating immersive, thought-powered technologies. Seeking to create the first thought-powered interface, their seed funding will go towards development and recruitment efforts.

Wispr AI will seek to recruit top prospects in the fields of engineering and neuroscience to further their research in creating devices that integrate thought into neural interfaces. The vision of these devices will aim to be similar to wearable technology we utilize regularly today, making for a seamless transition into the consumer market.

Wispr AI was founded in 2021 by Sahaj Garg (CTO) and Tanay Kothari (CEO) to create new technologies that use “deliberate thought as digital input, allowing users to interface in a seamless manner with an increasingly digital world.” Both Garg and Kothari are advanced in technological knowledge, but also seek to be consumer-centric. They are utilizing cutting edge technologies from the fields of deep learning, electrical interfaces, and neuroscience to further delve into this endeavor.

CEO, Tanay Kothari, noted that as technology evolves at an extraordinarily fast pace, society will shift away from keyboards and voice commands to relay information. He highlights that “the next generation of interfaces are going to be more natural, seamless and private.”

The startup’s mission seeks to keep pace with the next generation of how we as a society interact with technology. Wispr AI’s frontmen are aiming to simplify individual’s interactions with technology by eliminating hardware like keyboards, cameras, and control panels and replacing them with interfaces that are directly controlled by thought. The goal for Wispr AI is to simplify humanity’s interactions with technologies and make these interfaces accessible to all.

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